Friday, November 30, 2007

There are no U-Hauls behind hearses. . .

Those of my readers who know me know that a years-long pet peeve of mine is how prisoners get treated. In prison and out of prison. I am not proposing working with this population-- I'd be destroyed. There is not only a lot of need but people who manipulate. I do not laugh at treatment of prisoners; I knew a guy who was a guard and he was a calloused person and a terrible, distrustful father and I know that his personality allowed him to survive his environment.

One of my long-time high school friends came out of federal prison a while back and we have since renewed our friendship. He is anything but bitter-- he tells me what happened to him and it hurts to hear, but he maintains that those who had power who were jerks were not jerks because of him but jerks because they had to survive, too.

I found a new blog called The Rabbit Hole. Bill Baily has written it. He's been in what I think would be Hell. Prisoners get out of jail or prison. They cannot help each other. They have nothing yet he is philosophical about it. I have nothing deep to write-- but here is my blurb for his work. He may have been down but he's never been out. Go to his blog.

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