Saturday, November 17, 2007

Something Happy--

My car runs decently-- life is good.

My elder Peaches was sick today and her teachers sent me notes telling me not that she was gone but that they hoped she was OK.

My eight year old son is doing 100's on his spelling and math tests. He says, "I just want to get the highest grades that anyone has ever had. Is that so wrong? I want to be the second smartest person on the planet. God will be smarter."

My son with special needs and I read all week. He dances when he reads and can't stand still. He said that his teacher was talking about rhythm in words and we may be getting somewhere in how he thinks.


Steve said...

Men do have this problem. You are not allowed to share notes with my wife. Actually, my wife loves it when I turn out to be spectacularly wrong like your husband was in this case. Especially if it would mean she missed a test. Male egos are pretty fragile, so I suggest in circumstances like these, you give him a big kiss and whisper in his ear, "you're so cute when you're wrong. And I promise never to mention this again unless you put me down about something like you did when I suggested checking the battery and block heater. Then, I'll just say 'battery' and I hope you'll back off graciously." And if he isn't a pussy cat, knee him where he'll remember.

But if you were both at the mechanic, why couldn't you ask the mechanic? "Um, my husband thinks this is a dumb question, but could you humor me and check the battery and block heater?"

Emperor Ropi said...

I have never got good wishes from a teacher when I was ill. Once my friend told the teacher I was playing truant and she believed it and 3 days later she asked where I am and they said I am ill and the teacher really thought I had played truant.