Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shrew in my SUV

Today I had to go out. I had to change out car seats and left a car door open. Mitten the Kitten hopped in. I thought nothing of it and placed her back in the driveway. The little ones were giggling about a mouse. I thought they were being silly because they do that. I did not see a mouse or anything else and blew them off.

Ta-da! I was driving up the highway and something caught my eye then ran over my foot. Keeping control of my car was not easy as I pulled off to the side of the highway and the critter ran out. Mudd started to cry because he said, "What if she's a mommy mouse? We need to take him home!" (Gender switching is his, not my word choice!)

Calamity Jane did not make him happy as she said, "Then Mitten probably got them, too! They're all gone!"


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GDad said...

I wonder if that's how the zebra mussel made it to Lake Erie.