Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Fantasy for My Living Room

I have a long-time fantasy about buying a shoeshine chair for my living room so I can massage my husband's feet. Don't get me wrong-- I do not have a foot fetish or anything kinky (not that there is anything wrong with that!) As a person who has a family history of arthritis and hands and feet that react to barometric pressure, I fully intend to get return work on this! I can think of no better feeling in the world to give or receive.

The problem is that they cost $5,000 and more. I don't want something that is chrome and vinyl. I want something that is real wood, leather upholstered and beautiful to look at. I showed Darrin what I want and he agrees that it will be very nice-- a little odd because it looks almost like a throne, but he says he is sure that he can get used to sitting in it! I asked what I need to do to be able to learn to make it and he thinks that I need a couple of saws that he already needs for finishing the bathroom. We are going to Lowe's this evening to look at some books to start me on something simple-- I always need book cases, so this is the best place to start, with a book case.

I paint and used to love-love-love to do envelope art, but my muse has been abducted by aliens and I have absolutely no desire to paint any more. While I am short on time and have the proverbial nine irons in the fire at all times, I still need my meditative outlet. I hope that woodworking will be something that I take a liking to. Even if I don't, my husband still needs the tools.

We are getting a friend from church to make a little storage unit for us and we will be making the garage a place to saw and do things of this nature. My mother loves getting things from me in the mail and perhaps I will create things and put postage on them and mail them to her.

I want to get massage oils (light vegetable oil from the grocery store with essential oils to perfume it) and electric booties and nail clippers and files to store inside this chair.

I hope this won't be the greatest thing that I do-- I would love to do the scroll work on bigger things and do something nice. My mom had a lovely Duncan Fyfe dining room set that I was inspired by and antiques-- OMG, she had some beautiful antiques. That woodwork stands out in my mind. Hopefully I will get my sons involved and they might have a vested interest in not breaking things!

Oh-- A Fantasy for My Liquor Cabinet: Bacon Flavored Vodka. If you can ferment it, I'm willing to give it a try. I'm going to try making this. Mmmm. Bacon! Don Yovicsin is a hero to me!

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