Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened at the Store Today. . .

My husband does not like to shop for clothes. I have to shop for him. Today I was in the men's pants section and couldn't remember his length so I went down on my knees and held up two pair of pants, having hemmed them before.

A guy who was in his 20's walked near me and looked down, "Ma'am, are you OK?"

I said I was but that I was trying to remember my husband's pant length. He turned BRIGHT red and said, "Lucky guy!"

I was confused and then realized what it looked like and I clarified, "No-- I hem his pants up all the time and--"

He cut me off, "You don't have to explain. It's healthy! You are fine!" (He thought that I knew his pant length from other knee work!)

"No-- you don't understand!"

He was laughing and turned away and the woman he was with walked over to where we were, "Are you OK?"

He said, "You don't want to know!"

Later on I saw them in the store and they started laughing.


Ropi said...

Well, I rarely buy clothes. My mom dues it most of the time. I hate doing it. My mom does it slowly when I am with her. I would do it pretty fast.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Thanks for the laugh! Love it!