Monday, September 22, 2008

Deployed, then other stuff

One of Tiger's friends is about to be deployed to the front in Iraq. This is the first of her friends who are going but many more will soon follow. When I was really little I remember watching protests in Washington, people holding signs that my dad said they said they were sending boys off to war. I remember thinking, "They are grown men! They have to be at least 20 years old!" Now I understand: these guys and gals are children. I saw a lot of them on athletic teams that she was on.

She text messaged me this morning really early and was scared. She'd been crying in her sleep. I told her to find out their favorite "goodins" and that we will start monthly cooking days for them. She thought that was funny, and asked if I am sure we aren't Italian because I'd be a good Catholic Mama drowning every problem with prayer and good foods! My prayers are verbs; I get busy for the person I am thinking of. I doubt that they work, but I am at least not worrying myself into an ulcer.

I got another lesson knocked back in statistics. My husband has a talent for teaching. I wish I had been able to focus on math in high school, but for various reasons I could not. My husband minored in it and is a better tutor to my children than I had with my dad! My children are learning it and liking it. Basil heard him talking statistics with me and he ran around with a coin and flipped it for a few hours, then he started coming up with questions and answers. (He's also a map fiend and wants to know where everything is.)

On Friday I met up with some Republican political friends. I told them that I am morphing into a Democrat. Two took out their voter registration cards and they are non-partisan now, the others are leaning heavily Blue. I know of no one who is happy with AG Talis Colberg who advised 13 people to ignore subpoenas for the "Troopergate" investigation with out governor. It seems that the Republicans keep making asses out of themselves, with laws not applying to them. Subpoenas are serious: you don't ignore them. You don't text message on flights. Unless you are a Republican Alaskan lawmaker in which case you can throw your political weight around. Didn't you know? Laws are for the little people!

Of our gathering, we are all in support of Erick Cordero and David Cheezem, two fine Democrats from Palmer running for state senate and representatives-- Erick has more international experience than our governor, having been raised in Mexico and speaks a few languages (and runs a self-help law group in Anchorage,) then David has a business in Palmer with the sweetest bookstore in the Valley called Fireside Books. I like it when Democrats are also business owners; they tend to make better decisions because they are civic minded but also understand how the economy works. One of our former governors is Tony Knowles and I loved him because he was guided by a desire to make the world a better place and make laws that allowed businesses to thrive. He was also a chef! (I love a guv who cooks!)

I am not impressed with my governor or her running mate. I read an article yesterday that McC spoke of his exploits in Brazil. I see McC decided to take up the Stephen Colbert Challenge to Make McCain Exciting! Challenge.

We'll be seeing a lot more of his pictures of himself as a fighter pilot, I'm sure. (I dated flyboys and they were great boyfriends but terrible husband material! He won't be impressing me!) I'm sure he is trying to impress us, but I'm not impressed.

I'm going to vote as early as possible so I can get it over with.


steve said...

Maybe it's just because I just finished listening to a course on CD about the decline and fall of Rome, but I get the feeling that McCain is running not for president, but for Augustus. We don't an emperor. Bush tried to be one, but few took him seriously. McCain's ads make him look like a Roman bust.

Ropi said...

Steve, Augustus has nothing to do with the fall of Rome, I hope you know it. On the other hand the fall of Rome is a classical case, Arabic Empire and Ottoman Empire had more or less the same kind of history.

Maybe I should ask someone to make me look exciting because in the aspect of speaking style we are slightly similar.