Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome to the latest edition of the WWF: the 2008 Political Race (Where is John Edwards? He wouldn't be like this!)

I am disgusted with our governor, Sarah Palin. I cannot vote for her. Two years ago my family walked with her in parades and happily supported her, and she was so classy! There was a cat fight going on between Andy Halcro, Frank Murkowski, and John Binkely. I didn't like Frank because he was a dope-- he had the attitude of my massage teacher, "You won't like what I am doing but it's good for you." and he really shouldn't have done what he did, then run again. John Binkley looked inbred and used cheesy slogans and I hated his fliers in the mail-- and he sent a lot of them-- with his pictures! Ahhhh! I liked Andrew Halcro-- he was a businessman and would have been fascinating, like Lee Iacoccoa. You couldn't avoid loving Sarah though-- they'd slam her and she would respond with thanks because they'd supported her in the past. She was a ray of sunshine. (Oh-- with this post slamming her, if she saw it would she thank me for having supported her in the past? "Sorry, Sar, that was before I knew you just like it was with the others but we didn't listen to them!") When she ran in the general against Tony Knowels*, he was also classy.

Now the race has gotten bad with comments. She came out in her acceptance speech saying that she was a pit bull with lipstick and slammed the Democrats and belittled Obama. Excuse me, but that is the job of the media and bloggers. She is not acting without reproach. Sarah Palin is as dirty as the rest. I don't care if she is on a new level: excrement rises.

She is letting her fucking glasses and hair style be a talking point of the campaign, her hair style, and they are not talking issues. The Sarah Palin that I thought I knew would have never stood for that BS 2 years ago.

This woman has no connection to the working poor: she cut Denali Kid Care as governor! I know women who earn $15 an hour and are single moms (and there are plenty of single dads, too!) who need this. She made some cuts that hurt a lot of people. To save $15,000 a year which is not very much money, as mayor she made it so that rape victims would be charged for the post rape exam! The powers that were said that their insurance would be billed, but insurance gets billed and the policy owner pays the 20% co-payment. When I file with insurance I always get papers back clarifying the nature of the complaint. I cannot imagine!

There is a question as to whether or not Barack Obama made a remark about Sarah being a pig. Who gives a sh-- if he did call her one? She is with the big playahs now. Get over it! Barack isn't as classy as I'd like him to be, but John Edwards is out so we can expect nothing too wonderful.

Here's how I see it. John Edwards, a prince of a man who called a War on Poverty, had his political career shot when it was discovered that he had an affair when his wife had cancer. Why? I don't think it's fine and dandy to have affairs, but he was under great stress and I think that he needed the affection of his filming lady. I live in a high stress environment-- his message was also important to his wife who covered it up with him. If my husband screwed around on me, I'd not blame him. We have insane lives and I know it would probably seem great to him if someone started giving him affection when I am so strung out with the kids. How was John Edwards feeling? (I envision a slippery slope where he fell into it, on the road, calling home and needing support and his wife needing to talk of her chemo and needing his help. There is his film chick offering a back rub-- oh yeah. Sh-- happens. The only thing-- if you want to screw around, make sure a vasectomy works!) I would rather have a VP who can play ball, who understands the people and maybe fools around on his wife with one person than a VP whose "look" is more important than issues, who lives as a person who doesn't really need a second income and doesn't understand the struggles of a normal person.

I talk to my Fundie friends and they say the same things. Several have said that this is the will of God. God is consistent! It's Satan who comes as an angel then changes-- get it straight already. Last night one of my friends told me that Obama is Muslim-- he also said that Sarah's actions are the will of God. Change God and Allah and what did he sound like?

I am very, very sad to have seen this happen to her. I liked her and thought that she was great, but she's just like the rest.

Celtic Diva has a great story on what former guv, Tony Knowles and Ketchikan mayor Bob Einstein have to say about Sarah. She is as liberal as they come, but she is also careful about what she says and puts in her blog.

*Several years ago, Tony Knowles came to a picnic in my area. My family-- husband and I think seven kids at the time, our dog and the stoller, were all adorned in Republican pins and stickers. He ate a hotdog with us and we talked about his plans when Irealized how we were decked out. I stood up and motioned for everyone to take off their vests and TK noticed this and laughed. Did we think he'd not noticed this? I was laughing at myself at this point and he said, "Just remember that if my opponent wins (she would win, it was Lisa Murkowski, in spite of being daughter of Frank) I still represent you and my door will be open to you!" I just loved him! I think I voted for him because of that. He was also a chef and a businessman. He had been guv before. . . once he had lost an election and I went to his restaurant the next day with my parents not knowing that he owned it. He was there bright and early, "Would you like some Knowles Rolls?" My dad teased him, "These are real winners!"


Ropi said...

Well, there is a political crisis in Hungary so I may need to vote sooner than 2010 (in a normal case there would be an election in that time).

You change your opinion fast. A few days ago she was a kind of local heroine (lady form of hero I hope I did not misspell).

Tea N. Crumpet said...

You are very tactful! Yes, I did change it fast-- initially you get swept up in the excitement, then you start to think. It was great that she was a governor and it was a stretch for her initially. Then you start watching-- she'd not been seriously considered to run and no one really knew a lot about her outside of Alaska. We KNEW about Mitt Romney and the other contenders, as they've been on the national stage for several months battling ISSUES and she. . . posed for Vogue! She isn't discussing anything that's important to us that isn't scripted beforehand. The rest of the country doesn't know anything about her. . . it's underhanded with how this was done.

The notion that someone who bills herself as a "hockey mom" and "PTA mom" who happens to be running for a job that will place her in charge of nuclear warheads, in the #2 job for a pretty important position of a powerful country with the explanation, "She'll learn it when she gets in" is scary. What was it that Matt Damon said? Like it's out of a bad Disney movie?

It's one thing when a prince falls in love with an ordinary girl so she can become a princess, but this? No. The average person or even above average person can't get a job they are under qualified for just because they are likable. If they do, it's not because of their glasses or their hair--it's because they show great aptitude. Give her a few years-- her time may come.

Ropi said...

Well, if you let me I would defend her with a Historical example. Roman Emperor Claudius was 50.5 years old when he became an emperor. He was consul once because Caligula appointed him but after a few months he resigned. Before it he dealt with Historical works (Etruscans, Punic Wars mainly) and religious things. So he was not a politician. However Caligula was murdered and the senate appointed him as Emperor. He ruled Rome with his historical knowledge and with his officers. He managed to emerge the Empire from the financial crisis and he conquered Britain. After his death his work was much less honoured than he had deserved.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

LOL We'll see how it goes!

Ropi said...

Yes, we will. Maybe Alaska should fight for independence and then there is no problem!

Tea N. Crumpet said...

No, no-- Vlad Putin wants us! We would declare it then he would want to take it over! Have you checked him out? He is a hungry fish!

Ropi said...

He is not a Russian president any more, plus I had his family name (Putin) as nickname. One of my yearmates in elementary school called me Putin because it sounds fimilar to Pityu which is István's nickname form.
I was joking by the way with the independence.

J at said...

I've been enjoying reading the perspectives of those who live and vote in Alaska. Thanks for this.