Thursday, September 18, 2008

Crumpet Babies, Children of the Mime

Today I took Cloud to the book store. Not having the books we needed, she and I looked at a bridal magazine and she told me of her dream wedding. Most girls her age think of something outlandish and just want a groom to show up. She thought differently. "Who cares if you have a cookie cutter dress? It's yours and you make it special. I'll make mine. . . and I want my guests to have fun." She doesn't want to spend more than two weeks of her and her future husband's combined salary and she wants to make all the food herself "or people who I trust to make it right." (I qualify as one she trusts to cook well.) She is practical, but as we looked at dresses she explained each one as to why it was good or bad.

The three little ones had me laughing. I was trying to explain the concept of half full vs. half empty. (An attitude.) I filled up a glass with juice and placed it on the table and started to talk and Mudd picked it up, looked at it and drank it and pronounced it "tasty."

Yesterday Calamity Jane got mad at Mudd. I stopped and watched them and couldn't figure it out and asked what was wrong. Calamity Jane said, "He put an apple core on my paper!"

I said that we had no apples-- there was nothing on her paper! She rolled her eyes because I was so stupid, "It's an imaginary apple!" I picked up the imaginary core and popped it in my mouth. She said I was "gross."

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