Saturday, September 20, 2008

Cheesecake makes Statistics Tasty.

Cheesecake makes statistics good
There's nothing finer
I live for these great math times


Ropi said...

Well I learn Maths without cakes so too bad for me. We are learning trigonometric identities but I think it is on higher level than what students in the US. We learn such identities as sin(a+b)= sina*cosb+sinb*cosa and there are some more with nasty proofs so yeah.

Today I was in the zoo and my friend introduced me his friend who used to live in the USA. He came back this year and he went there in 2003. On his 1st school day he introduced himself as Hi I am XY from Hungary blah blah and after class his new classmate asked how is the life in the Soviet Union? At first I thought he was joking but he sounded totally serious. I laughed on it so hard.

steve said...

Ropi, a lot of Americans think New Mexico is a foreign country. The only thing I'm surprised about was the use of the name Soviet Union. Back when there was a Soviet Union most Americans insisted on calling it Russia.

Tea, You have my sympathy. I got through math at the University of Iowa mainly because the campus shut down: see

Cheesecake seems a pretty good way to get through math. Personally, I'd prefer a cake from Ropi's land, Rigó Jancsi, the ultimate fix of the chocoholic.