Thursday, September 04, 2008

Interesting Day

I took my homeschooled kindergartener to a place that does a fairytale morning with a story and math and fun things. The teacher kept giving me funny looks and said that she knew she knew me but I did not think I'd ever seen her. Turns out she was good friends with a friend who is now a Ph.D. She and said friend did a lot of "crazy" things. It was fun to see that we all grow up. I kept thinking, "Sandy? You seem like you never did anything wrong EVER!" I still couldn't place her face with the person I once knew. She was so cute with the little kids, too.

One of the women kept calling the children "kiddo" and I found myself wanting to thwack her on the head. I called the kids "kinderlein" and "susskinder" louder than she was talking. Kiddo just irritates me. I think a dental assistant called me that once. I really do not like dental assistants. I always end up with really good dentists who pick the most insipid females to join them, then they say stupid things to me. I digress!

I couldn't believe how fast the class went.

On the playground the other mothers and I were talking. When I was 20 or even 38, I would make fun of the mothers, how they had little mommy groups, but you know something? This is my life! I don't know why I didn't run from them today but we were joking about the kids and I was actually getting along with them instead of acting like a rebellious teenager, wanting to be as much not like them as possible, and I enjoyed it. This is my life for now. I am down to my last three babies, and maybe I want to enjoy it for a bit. Maybe I can enjoy it for a bit for the first time. I love looking at how Starshine looks so much like Peaches when she was her age, and how the kids interact. Starshine has a bob just like Peaches did and a symetrical face-- I gave her a waterspout on top of her head with her hair, a little top knot. It was so cute.

When we ate, the little children ran up to me at the stove with little bowls and oh dear, they were cute! Little cries of, "My tuuuuurrrrrn." (turn) when they did things and took turns.

I'm annoyed with politics-- right now it's with the press but I reserve the right to be annoyed with the republicans or dems next week! They are having issues over Cindy McC's outfit from last night. Why would they make comments about that? Good for her that she can afford expensive clothes and really nice shoes! I hope to one day have pretty things like she has, most likely not in excess, but you know, it would be lovely to have a little of it. Why do people want to tear her down instead of building her up and saying, "May we all have it half as good!" and toast her!

More later-- my Stephen Colbert is on.


Ropi said...

Well, I am rather into The Daily Show. In Hungary it is showed twice a week. Once the ambassador of Hungary tricked Stephen Colbert. A new bridge was built in Budapest and on the net there was an official poll about possible names and he won the election (unfortunately Chuck Norris was only 3rd) so for a short time everyone thought the bridge is going to be called after him (he advertised the poll in his show) but the Hungarian ambassador went to the show and congratulated him to his victory and informed him that it can be named only after Hungarians or only after dead people. He was really surprised. It wouldn't be so funny if he read the rules because it was mentioned.

I am curious how that many mother's would react if a father bring his child there. For example I was brought usually by my grandfather while my grandmother cooked and my mother used to have night shifts when she worked in a restaurant. She is not working in restaurants anymore though. I think I would gladly bring my child to that playing parks if I have a child one day.

Jen said...

I love my dental assistants but have issues with the dentist, but they never called me Kiddo.

As for Cindy's dress from the other night. I don't know what it cost and hadn't even considered it but I did notice it since it was so BRIGHT. Kudos to her for being able to wear that color. I couldn't.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

When fathers show up in these groups, they are fawned over! Ropi, when you are 25 or so, you need to borrow a friends' young child and show up at one. Say that you are a shift worker and that you just found out about your new child and say that you are trying to make things right. Hungarian women are probably the same as American women. If they are forming a parent's meeting, the lone guy gets elected to lead it. There are few problems with the women under him as long as he knows how to smooth things over.

One of my Fundie Christian Male friends says it's the natural order of things as to why women do this. I've seen it happen several times over the years so it must be. There is nothing wrong with it-- it just works out this way.

Jen-- the reports that I heard were focused on what she spent. I didn't notice the color-- what WAS she wearing?

Ropi said...

Well, you know usually women with child has husband so I don't really see the logic.... because you mentioned it as a kind of dating thing :P

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Not at all-- women with children don't always have husbands and they have FRIENDS husbandless friends. You might look like a really fun brother-in-law!