Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sigh. . . not what I'd expected!

The other day thought about Naomi Joy, the newlywed in our blogosphere who has new nice things and is entertaining and enjoying the first months of wedded bliss. I was at the thrift store buying more plates and bowls. 20 years ago this year I got married the first time and I had a pretty new stoneware pattern from Pfalzgraf called Yorktowne. For our wedding, my Aunt Donna gave us a 16 person place setting. I laughed while I unpacked it, how could I ever use all of it? My ex was a military officer and we entertained a bit and it was fun. (I called myself a COW-tess, a Commissioned Officer's Wife and drove him apesh--. He was only in the National Guard but tried to be Mr. Officer. I had a chic black evening suit that he wanted me to wear to an event and I bought a little black hat with netting, over the top in AK, that I had a seamstress make with a cow pattern on it. He was furious over my little joke, but everyone else loved it! He married a woman who is as rigid as he is.)

I came home with my .25 and .50 cent bowls and was unpacking them. I only have a gravy boat, salt n' pepper shakers and a few plates left from that pattern-- everything else has broken over the last 2 decades from moving and children trying to step fast from the kitchen when I walk in to see what the noise is in the middle of the night. My husband offered to buy me some more of it because matching plates used to be a requirement for my happiness. Now-- I cannot fathom how we could spend the money on it. I buy blue and white tableware at the thrift store when I see it, knowing that children under 16 and china and hardwood (OK, laminate) floors don't mix.

I have some pretty tableware that I buy from a local store when it goes on sale in my bedroom closet. Once the kids grow up, it is coming out. When I am alone, I take this wonderful stuff out. It's often on Sunday mornings when I do my schoolwork and my husband takes the kids to church. I take out tea and make scones, or just grab a box of Pepperidge Farm cookies.


Anonymous said...

Oh I loved this! I was nodding my head and laughing.

When I got married (17 years ago), it was a quickie wedding (I was 8 months pregnant) and we really didn't get any gifts, well except baby stuff anyway. So I've lived on thrift store stuff all these years, and they even break that stuff! :-)

I dream of having my knick-knacks out someday and some nice matching dishes too. I love that you have it in the closet! I'll come have tea and cookies with one day.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

Please do-- I will share with you the place I imagine when I eat them, too! For a vacation on the internet, you need to check out blog friend Rick

He lives the life I dreamed of! He also inspires my 12 year old who likes to pour over his food descriptions and do with what I can afford here. She says, "If I can make tougher cuts of meat tender and taste like he describes, what amazing things can I do with the real things when I get them?" I'm proud of her-- and I love this guy. Check him out!

Palm Springs Savant said...

Not having any kids, we use our good stuff from time to time when we entertain, it is fun to have it out.

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