Monday, September 08, 2008

Music, Corsets and Dentists

Do you love my music choice? I love David Soul and Bobby Sherman. Even though Bobby Sherman is old now, I think he's a stallion. I used to walk my gassy babies to "Julie-Julie-Julie do ya love me?" I love his voice, and David Soul is a complete babe. My sisters used to be "in love" with him.

I am getting another corset. My first is a basic one that I ordered from Romantasy. My waist, in spite of having not worn it every day or even half as much as I should have to break it in because even though summer was cool it was too hot for Tea, is down as far as the corset will go at 24". I started at 28" and had a deflated abdomen-- not fat by any means, just loose. Contrary to what doctors think when they hear of my corseting, it doesn't squeeze in my organs. Ann, the proprietress of this company, doesn't want her clients in pain.

The corset that I want will be leather-- a Sue Nice Victorian underbust, and my husband hates-hates-hates that I am doing this. He loves the results and the clothes that I wear with them, but he really doesn't like that I lace myself in to these things. I would like to get down to a 20" waist-- a little freaky, but not as small as I was before having children. I often wear conservative clothes-- I got scolded at church by a hen about not dressing mmodestly (I was fine-- she just thought I could do better than professional suits) and I think that when you get that hourglass figure, you really show off the modest clothes better! Could this be why women corseted in the earlier centuries? They couldn't show their legs or arms so instead of looking gender neutral, they corseted? I love how I look and feel in these. I'll probably be 60 wearing these things. (If I look like my mom, no one will know that I am 60!)

I'll be going 23/7 as soon as this gets broken in-- ordering takes a few weeks or months to get here. Hopefully I can be tightlacing by January.

I took the kids to the dentists today. I had 7 of them with me and we were there for 3 hours. They wanted me in back when the kids were being worked on. The assistant was really nice and she said that last time my children were there they told her why I hate dental assistants! Word for word! I can only imagine her amusement upon hearing my 8 year old tell her that they hire the most insipid bores who like to talk at dental offices! Oh dear goodness, that must have amused her! She is from Canada, recently learned to play violin (she is my age) and is quite intelligent. I was very happy to have spoken with her. She said that they would love to have me as a patient and I said I couldn't because she is too interesting and would complain of chatty patients! She is very dedicated and does a lot of volunteering in a community south of where I live that is renowned for it's drug use and parents passing the kids to the grand parents so they can stay stoned. I was very much enjoying her discussion and hearing of what she does.

In the wait room there was a drama going on-- they have a room for TV and it has three doors-- one to the regular waiting room, one to the main hallway of the business office building, and one to the dentists' offices. My six youngest thought the doors were really fun. They were not clamming thembut apparently opening them and sneaking around in to the room through the other ones. There is a window so the receptionists could keep an eye on them and they said that while the kids were not angels that they were at least original in how they teased one another.

I'm buying Guy a clarinet. Kids cost a lot of cash.


Ropi said...

I had one cool dentist but I hated the others.

Tea N. Crumpet said...

You are ahead of me.