Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Met Radical Catholic Mom!

Tonight I went to an orientation for Catholic Social Services where I hope to work with elderly refugees and maybe one day teach English or citizenship classes when who showed up but a bubbly lady and her friend. She said something about blogging and I asked if she was the RCM and she was! I told her that I was Tea N Crumpets and I met her friend and I was very happy! What a class act!

I won't gush over the meeting and what was discussed because I think it's her domain and I am just learning (hopefully to have my own niche,) but I love that we live in a small world with some truly fantastic and wonderful people who make a difference through dedication. I met twenty really nice people and was so happy I'd gone. I ration every drop of gas in my tank, but tonight it was an investment! Work with Catholic Social Services will be a pleasure, I think!

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