Monday, September 08, 2008

Interviews with ~My Good Friend John Hernandez~ about Sarah Palin

John Hernandez is a long time friend of my family and was a sportscaster in Anchorage in 1988 and he hired Sarah as an intern. Some terrible politics went on at the station and he had this sit with him for two decades wondering what would have happened because he really thought that Sarah would have been great, then about a month ago we hooked up at Facebook and started talking. (He's in California now.) I don't think that Sarah has a bigger fan than John!

Checkout his interview with Brandon Howse!

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Ropi said...

Well a sportscast wouldn't be a good job for me because I am "too enthusiastic" (irony) at times.

Yes, he (native English speaker from New York) speaks quite fast most of the time but I don't really have problems with it.